Tuesday, 14 August 2012

GAPS and Vegan?

We all know that GAPS is not a vegan diet, but my sister is visiting this weekend and she is a vegan.  Having voiced my sisterly objections months ago, I will be cooking vegan meals for us this weekend.  I thought it might be interesting to list a few GAPS-legal vegan recipes.  (Leaving out the ones with lentils, as that is the obvious area where vegan and GAPS intersect.)

Stir fried cashews and garlic with carrots, snow peas, red pepper and mushroom. I plan to make this with a tiny touch of soy sauce and agave nectar to give it more of a typical flavor.  Otherwise I will be using coconut oil, dried chilis, and perhaps some veggie broth for flavor.

Vegan tapas - fried almonds, marinated mushrooms, grilled asparagus in lemon juice, grilled eggplant with sofrito, olives.  Could even do carrots bravas instead of potatoes bravas...

The Rawtarian's date brownies - They are DELICIOUS and GAPS legal and vegan if you omit the sweetener...which you can because dates are so sweet. http://www.therawtarian.com/raw-brownie-recipe/

Update: Kale Salad -  get a bunch of kale, chop it up and put in a big bowl.  Put on sesame oil, white wine vinegar and salt.  Squish and squeeze it together with your hands.  sprinkle shredded carrots and sesame seeds on top.