Reasons I went on the GAPS diet

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
I've had JRA since I was two years old, and I've experienced symptoms only occasionally.  I had an extremely nasty flare up in 2011, to the point where I was unable to walk sometimes.  This was disconcerting, but going gluten free seemed to help somewhat.
  • Suspected Hashimotos disease (hypothyroidism)
I had most of the symptoms of Hashimoto's, and my family has a history of the disease.  This year my symptoms got so bad I could barely get up to go to work, not to mention the unexplained weight gain.  Doctors were disinterested in exploring the possibility of Hashimoto's (while offering no solutions for my lack of energy, inability to focus, and excessive weight gain).  My naturopath was convinced based on my basal body temperature readings, but the nothing she tried helped me and she eventually recommended trying again to get an Rx from an M.D.  I found GAPS in complete desperation, while googling 'Ways to treat Hashimoto's with diet'.

Major changes I've experienced on GAPS (after 3 months)

  • No rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
  • Eliminated Hashimoto's symptoms.
    • Energy levels back to normal. 
    • Weight is going back to normal.
      • After only about 1 month on the diet.  Without any effort - I'm not exercising or watching calories.  This must be hormonal.
    • 'Brain fog' and confusion gone. 
    • Dysthymia gone.
    • Facial edema gone.
    • Severe localized pain in throat (read: thyroid gland) gone.
Unexpected changes on GAPS

  • Adult acne on face, chest and back is almost gone.
  • Length of menstrual pain significantly decreased from three weeks to three days.
  • Digestion used to be very noisy, now it is silent.
  • My caffeine addiction turned out to just be thyroid symptoms.
  • Becoming less shy/withdrawn.
To be confirmed 

  • Excessive sweating - I'll know in the summer.


  1. Hi! just letting you know I subscribed to your blog using my google reader. happy journey and thanks! keep writing.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Its really great to hear this.