Monday, 12 November 2012

Festive-looking GAPS Dinner

A candy-cane colored meal!

Zuchini ribbons (use a vegetable peeler) stir fried in garlic and oregano with long slices of red pepper.  Dress with white wine vinegar and olive oil, and top with crumbled feta.  (Note: I just discovered that feta is not GAPS legal..too bad because it gives a nice white dusting of 'snow' on top ;)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

GAPS diet complex carbohydrate substitutes

I am all for enjoying a food for what it is, but that said, I find that sometimes you just crave the old stuff.  Here is my round up of carb substitutes:

Mashed potato ~ Mashed cauliflower
(with lemon; don't know why but the lemon seems to make it taste more like potato)

Rice noodles ~ Spaghetti squash
(people always seem to think spag. squash is a sub for wheat so isn't...see below)

Wheat pasta ~ Lentils
(in the old days I used a great wheat pasta made with lentils; sadly I can't have that anymore but for some reason that lentil flavor seems to work well)

Crostini ~ Garlic rubbed eggplant
(rub with garlic, grill, and dip in oil and wine vinegar)

Pasta and potatoes in minestrone soup ~ Well cooked carrots and slightly cooked leeks

Burger Buns ~ Portobello caps
(only works for haute burgers, with a knife and fork)

Am I missing any?  Leave a comment!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

A whole roasted chicken for one

Despite appearances, it's unbelievable how practical a roasted chicken is for one person. I thought I would share my method of using a whole roasted chicken.

Meal no. 1 - wings

Meal no. 2 & 3 - quarter chicken; alternately have thighs and legs separately.

Meal no. 4 & 5 - breasts

Meal no. 6 & 7 - soup from bone broth