Sunday, 14 April 2013

Moving, traveling, and visiting on GAPS

Good grief.  I am likely relocating across the country and as a result will need to do a great deal of traveling and depleting of supplies in the next few months.  The following is a quick brainstorm of ways I can do this and remain GAPS legal, or at least GAPS friendly.

Visiting, i.e., staying at someone's home 

-Massaged kale salad (see my post on being GAPS and Vegan) is a big hit with my family and has relatively simple ingredients.

-Date bars - lemon or brownie based.  See The Rawtarian's website for information.

-Pho - cheap, GAPS legal, and accessible in most major cities.  Could be a daily lunch item.

-Scrambled eggs.  Thank the gods for scrambled eggs.

-'Picnics' with grocery store roast chicken and salad.

Travelling, i.e., staying at a hotel and lunching with others

-Shopping trip on arrival - ACV, Baking Soda, Mineral water, fresh fruit, ferments if available

-Restaurant dining is no problem, as I've discovered on former trips.


Going there: 

-Dry chicken salad


-Lentil crackers and cheese.

-Cold cuts

Coming home:


-Dried fruit

-Fresh fruit from a local store

-Sugar snap peas from a local store

-Lara bars and/or chocolate with simple ingredients.  Perfect is the enemy of the good here.

Depleting supplies at home

-It occurs to me that broth/soup is actually a fantastic option.  I can freeze individual portions, warm them up, and eat them, using only a pot and a spoon.

-For plain broth, I could even use up the massive bag of peas that's been hanging about my freezer and some mint to make it 'summery'.  (Note to self, use glass jars that can be recycled immediately.)

-Again, Pho, at nearby restaurants.  Love it!

If you have other ideas, please please please comment!

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