Friday, 6 January 2012

Quick intro breakfast

My goal is to spend one week per month on the Intro Diet, just for that extra bit of healing.  While I love a coconut flour muffin for breakfast the rest of the time, baked goods are not allowed on the early phases of the Intro.  And I'm not about to stand around frying up bacon, eggs, and vegetables for one as I rush off to work in the morning.  What to do?

Slow cooker applesauce.  A great GAPS blog, Well Fed Homestead, has a really good slow cooker applesauce recipe, as well as a slow cooker giveaway right now! 

My own slow cooker is old and banged up, with hairline cracks in the ceramic.  But it did come with a little mini slow cooker. I thought I would never use it.  I think it is intended for warmed dips, but it cooks up a one-bowl breakfast perfectly.  Pre-GAPS, I just threw in some steel cut oats and water before bed and woke up to lovely nutty oatmeal in the morning. 

Now, I make applesauce for one.  I combine apples, clarified butter, and honey in the desired ratio. I allow it to cook over night, give it a brisk stir with a fork in the morning, and I have a hot, Intro-friendly breakfast that takes under 2 minutes to prepare.  It has become one of my GAPS mainstays.  And, breakfast aside, waking up to the smell of baking apples is a treat in itself!

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