Monday, 23 January 2012

Spicy food

Reading the Well Fed Homestead, one of my favorite GAPS blogs, I came across a post about how your taste buds 'grow up' on GAPS.  I can relate. 

I could never handle spicy food.  Even mild brand name salsa was often too much for me - the most abrasive thing I would have would be a little bit of black pepper on a poached egg or on a sandwich.  Very Barbara Pym.

This was not a digestive issue - at least, spicy food did not directly cause digestive discomfort - and it wasn't localized pain due to an ulcer or something.  I just couldn't handle the taste, I found it unpalatable.  This has been the case my whole life, but I seemed to get more sensitive with age.  I would have thought the opposite.

Now I am craving spicy food!  Hot sausages, curry, tom yum soup, horseradish, red pepper flakes in sauces and stews.  I'm cooking and enjoying this stuff, which would have been unheard of two months ago.  To my mind, this has to be due to GAPs.   Maybe flora changes in my mouth?  I have no idea.   But it's opened up a whole new range of flavours for me. 

Like I needed another reason to love this protocol. 

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