Friday, 13 April 2012

GAPS pantry meals

GAPS is all about using food to nourish, so I get that pantry meals are kind of counter to the goal. However, I do occasionally forget to grocery shop and find myself with no veg and a freezer full of frozen meat that needs 6h to thaw before it can become a meal.   Here are a few ideas for when you're starving and didn't think ahead.  [Update:  I will add to these from time to time if I discover a new pantry recipe.]

Nicoise-inspired tuna

Combine can of tuna, capers, black olives, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic in a pan and stir fry.  Plate over steamed spinach.  [Pre-GAPS I would have made this with pasta.]

Tomato Soup

Simmer jar of passata or tomatoes with a can of coconut milk (and some chicken broth, if you have it defrosted).  Add oregano, garlic powder, sea salt, etc.

Marinated Vegetable and Lentil Salad

Chop olives, mushrooms, capers, marinated artichokes, marinated peppers etc.  Fry in oil and garlic.  Combine with cooked lentils.  Can be served as a salad or hot meal.

Update - Lentils Puttanesca

Echoes the recipe above, but I achingly miss pasta puttanesca on GAPS.  My solution is this!  Puttanesca is certainly a pantry sauce...

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