Monday, 16 April 2012

Storebought sauerkraut

I've never worked up the courage to try and make my own ferments.  In fact, the only fermented food I've had on GAPS is organic kefir, bought commercially, which is contrary to doctor's orders.  Kefir was easy and accessible for me, but I've decided to go off dairy because of other health reasons.

I was soured on sauerkraut from my German great-grandmother's recipe, which my mother would make on occasion as comfort food.  It involved cabbage, sausages, onions and applesauce in a crock pot, no fermenting.  Others may enjoy this combination but I found it vomitose.

Grocery shopping this weekend, I looked around for a GAPS friendly commercial sauerkraut, before I try my hand and making my own.  I happened across one called Kiihne, made in Germany, ingredients are white cabbage and salt.  It's quite good, nice and sour tasting, very finely chopped, so it has a nice texture.  For Ontario readers, I found this at a No Frills store for about $3.

This is my fermenting plan if I ever get the nerve and/or a food processor:

  1. Cucumbers (for pickles!)
  2. Turnips (for lebanese dishes)
  3. Tomato salsa
  4. Red cabbage (pretty sauerkraut)
  5. Misc. veggies - cauliflower, carrots, jalapenos
Ps.  If you know of a great storebought ferment, leave a message, let me know!

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