Sunday, 21 October 2012

Adventures in fermenting

I posted some time ago about never having attempted to make a home made ferment.  I tried a few this summer and fall with varying degrees of success:

Pickles:  this was the first ferment I attempted and it went ok.  They were over salted and not as tart as I would like, so I think in future I would limit the amount of salt and let them sit on the counter longer.

Turnips and Beets:  accidentally spilled too much salt into the jar, so, like the pickles, these are not tart enough and are over salted. They look pretty though.

Carrots:  these worked really great.  I shredded about four carrots in the food processor, added about a teaspoon of salt and filled the jar up with water.  After about five days on the counter they were perfect, probably because of all the sugar in carrots.  They make a really tasty crunchy topping for other recipes. I'm really enjoying them.

Sauerkraut:  I just made two jars today with the remainder of a cabbage I bought for another recipe.  (One cabbage is way too much for one person without at least three recipes in mind.)  I added a little bit of liquid from the carrot ferment to the sauerkraut jars, and very little salt. We'll see how it goes.

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