Saturday, 27 October 2012

GAPS and the common cold

Last winter, when I was actively doing GAPS, I did not get sick at all.  Of course, this year, after reprehensible eating habits all summer, the season hits and I'm down for the count.  The following are some observations re: GAPS and the common cold

Observation 1: seem to have cured my cold with coconut oil

This is burying the lead, of course, because I think this is a big deal!  I got mildly sick Thursday night, was mildly sick Friday all day, and woke up Saturday feeling like hell (of course).  I was having broth, carrot juice, oranges etc. on Friday but on Saturday had no strength to cook.  Then I thought I would put the purported antiviral properties of coconut oil to the test.

I made a pot of GAPS hot chocolate with coconut milk (next post!), and then remembering something in Dr. NCMs FAQs about drinking carrot juice mixed with coconut oil I tried that too (2 heaping tbsp).  After about an hour my sore throat is gone, my cough has loosened, I'm sneezing less, and my nose has more or less opened up.

I was expecting to languish like this until at least Monday morning but it looks like tomorrow I will be up and about.  Probably making another batch of broth. :)

Observation 2:  Intro is pretty easy to do when you have a cold

If you are GAPS-enlightened, what would you really want to consume with a cold other than stock, soup, and ginger tea with honey?

Of course, in the case of a single person living alone, all of this is provided that you have a crock pot full of broth going, and you have organic carrots in the house for juicing, and other semi-prepared foods ready to go.

Right now I am sitting here hungry, as I have not eaten all day, and dying to order in for dinner, but not wanting to spoil my two days of quasi-close-enough-intro, especially since I am struggling to get myself back on the full diet.  I had planned to have mustard seed crusted salmon and lightly grilled asparagus tonight but I don't feel like cooking or eating that.  I suppose I will lurch down to the kitchen and make myself a vegetable soup of sorts, since all the meat I have is frozen.

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