Thursday, 25 October 2012

Going back on GAPS

Earlier this year I posted about how it`s difficult to maintain GAPS in summer months.  Now that it`s fall, and squash and apples are in season, and I`m actually looking forward to eating soups and stews, I`m still finding it tough to stick with GAPS.

I was very lenient with myself over the summer, eating pretty much whatever I felt like or had time to pick up.  Now that work has calmed down and the leaves are changing color I`m still struggling.

I actually think it may be harder to stop and restart GAPS, than to initially start it.  I`ve noticed some other blog posts about struggles with restarting as well.  The reason I think this is true is that when people first start GAPS they are often desperate.  They may have tried typical Western medicine options, naturopathic options, other dietary options etc. I can say personally that when I started GAPS I was at the end of my rope.  I was so desperate to feel better, I didn`t believe the diet could help me, but I tried one more thing just to say I gave it a shot.

Now I find myself in a position of relative health, but wanting to go on GAPS again because I want to push myself through to a higher degree of health (my thyroid still slows me down sometimes, and I believe some hormonal imbalances need to be corrected).  Its also convenient in winter months, keeps my blood sugar on an even keel, and makes me loose weight without regaining (despite my debauchery this summer).

I`m also already educated about the diet.  So I`m not in a process of indoctrinating myself with Dr. NCM`s presentations, the GAPS book, and other resources.  This means that I`m perhaps not as excited about the diet and the benefits to health are not front of mind.

My solution is to phase myself in for the rest of October and start fresh in November with extreme discipline.  This way I will have good habits in place before the holidays.  I may have to place my debit and credit cards in a bowl of water and freeze them to achieve this, just so I don`t give in to the temptation to buy lunch, but that`s a sacrifice I`m ready to make. (At the end of the day I will save money.)

Has anyone else restarted GAPS and found it hard....leave a comment if you have tips!

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